Low Carb Sweet Snacks

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Many people start the keto diet to lose weight and become healthier. The main thing you should eat while on this diet is meat. This is obvious.

Meat is healing, nutritious, and satisfying. It contains all the nutrients we need to thrive, including fat, protein, minerals, and vitamins. Organ meats are especially dense in nutrients.

But sometimes, it’s great and refreshing to eat some tasty keto sweets. Many of these low carb sweet snacks are rich in fat and contain little to no carbs at all – great for keto!

On KetoAndEat, you will find many quick keto dessert recipes. Some of them contain just a few ingredients.

We also try to post quick keto sweets recipes, because most people really don’t have the time to spend hours making low carb sweet snacks.

I personally prefer to focus on easy keto desserts with only a few ingredients.

How Often Should You Eat Low Carb Sweet Snacks?

Very often I see people in Keto groups on Facebook, focusing on how to make keto bread and keto-friendly desserts – instead of the main important thing – eating meat!

Meat heals and should be the center of every meal. Sure, eating low carb sweet snacks every day may not kick you out of ketosis. But remember – a proper keto diet always focuses on meat.

Keto desserts are just a small addition to make things interesting from time to time.

Common Ingredients For Easy Keto Desserts

The most common ingredients for low carb sweet snacks include:

Almond flour or coconut flour. A single serving (28g) of almond flour contains ~5.5g of carbs (2.5g net carbs).

Heavy whipping cream. Contains just 1.75 grams of carbs per 1/4 cup (59 mL).

Cacao Powder and Cocoa Butter. Cocoa butter has a milder taste – but it contains zero carbs since it’s 100% fat. Very common in low carb sweet snacks. Check out this Keto Pecan Pralines Recipe which uses cacao butter.

keto sweets - cacao butter

Butter and Ghee. Both contain zero carbs, ghee has a milder taste.

Nuts like pecans. Some nuts contain more carbs than others, but in small quantities – almost all nuts are fine.

Cranberries, berries, lemon, and lime.

Eggs. Common mostly in low carb sweet snacks recipes involving baking. 

What Makes Keto-Friendly Desserts Sweet?

Many low carb sweet snacks are made with artificial sweeteners but remember – the keto diet is healing by its nature. Using these sweeteners is the antithesis of healing.

Don’t eat keto desserts on daily basis. Treat them like a reward and enjoy them when you are celebrating something.

There are many easy keto desserts that are not made with any sweeteners at all-prefer them instead.

The most common keto sweeteners are:

Erythritol. About 70% as sweet as table sugar. Some studies have shown it’s easy on digestion. Used in many quick keto dessert recipes. 

Xylitol. Toxic for dogs, so be careful. This naturally occurring sugar alcohol is found in a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Monkfruit Sweetener – The monk fruit sweetener has been used for many years, but has recently become more popular as it has become more easily available.

It is a natural product, containing no calories and being 100-250 times sweeter than sugar. It is also believed to have antioxidant properties.