Keto Pecan Pralines Recipe

Eating delicious pralines while on the keto diet – is it possible? It sure is. This time, I will show you how to make the perfect keto pralines. They contain less than 0.5g of carbs per piece – and about 80% fat. So one can also call them “keto fat bombs”. Eat them with your morning coffee, or just as a daily keto desert. I tried to create a super simple and quick keto pecan pralines recipe – and the result is great ! I don’t like spending lots of time in the kitchen preparing food. I am all about quick and simple recipes.

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For this keto pralines recipe – I am using a 100% cocoa butter. This product is widely used, and can be found at any major supermarket. Many online stores, like iHerb also sell it. I recommend buying organic cocoa butter. Always make sure it is 100% fat and doesn’t contain other cocoa products. Some people add cocoa butter to their coffee, and some like to eat it as-is. I think that cocoa butter is perfect for making keto deserts – like these keto pecan pralines. It has a mild cocoa flavor (reminding of chocolate), and a very nice white color. And of course – it’s 100% fat – so great for keto.


Keto Pecan Pralines

Delicious keto pecan pralines from cacao butter. Low-carb and high fat.
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  • 1 Praline silicone mold
  • 40 grams 100% Cacao butter (1.4 ounce)
  • 35 grams Crushed raw pecans (1.2 ounce)
  • 1 teaspoon Maple syrup
  • 0.8 grams Salt
  • Place the cacao butter and pecans (use raw pecans) into a small glass bowl - together. Heat in the microwave for 1.5 minutes.
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  • Immediately after, while the butter is still hot and liquid - add salt and maple syrup. Stir it well.
  • Pour melted cacao butter and pecans into the silicone mold.
  • Let it cool in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Enjoy these keto pralines.
    Keto Pecan PralinesPin
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Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Keyword cacao butter, dessert, keto dessert, nuts, pecan


Calories: 350kcal
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 2 people
Calories: 350kcal
Cost: $4

For this recipe, I am using pecans. You can of course use any other nut (try walnuts), but in my opinion – these pralines are the tastiest when done with pecans. Make sure to buy raw nuts – not roasted and not salted. Many times, when roasting pecans – they add other “ingredients” in to enhance the flavor. That’s why I always prefer to buy raw pecans and roast them myself if needed (easily done in the microwave, but also can be done using a pan or an oven). There are many sorts of pecans – some are bigger, some are smaller, and the price is different. 

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Cocoa Butter Contains Stearic acid

One huge advantage of cocoa butter (and using it for keto pralines) is that it contains 25-35% stearic acid. This component is super healthy. Suet also contains significant amounts of stearic acid – and that’s why it is so important to eat it on regular basis. You can also buy suet fat and render it. The tallow that comes out of it is very mild in flavor, and can be used for cooking. There are many studies showing the benefits of stearic acid – here is one of them.

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Should you eat deserts on a daily or weekly basis on the keto diet? It really depends on the desert. If it contains sweeteners – surely not. But if you are using ingredients like cacao butter – I see no reason to avoid such keto deserts. These keto pecan pralines are very low in carbs, and very high in fat (around %80) – perfect for keto. You can use fewer pecans if you want to minimize the carbs even further. 

If you liked this keto pecan pralines recipe – make sure to check out other recipes on our website. We have many delicious keto deserts recipes, as well as other recipes – for meat, salads (like this cod liver salad recipe) and much more. Make sure to comment below and tell us how the pecan pralines came out (delicious for sure!)

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