Carnivore Whipped Cream

Whipped cream is a delightful treat that perfectly complements the carnivore diet. Made with simple, carnivore-approved ingredients like heavy whipping cream, this luscious topping adds a touch of richness and sweetness without compromise.

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In this easy recipe, heavy whipping cream is beaten into ethereal, cloud-like pillows that dissolve decadently on your tongue. Optional erythritol and vanilla extract enhance the cream’s subtle sweetness and aroma.

Best of all, this whipped cream contains no inflammatory ingredients – just pure dairy fat for a smooth, satiny finish. Let’s get started on how to make this delightful carnivore treat!

👍 Why You’ll Love This Recipe

Simplicity Rules- This isn’t one of those fussy recipes that needs a million ingredients and a culinary arts degree to pull off. Just a few simple items, a couple of steps, and BAM!

You’ve got yourself the perfect topping for all kinds of deliciousness. Think about it – sometimes the best things in life are the most effortless, and this recipe proves it.

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Fluffy Clouds of Delight– Picture biting into a fluffy, creamy cloud – that’s the texture you’re in for! Each whipped spoonful is a tiny burst of airy goodness that’ll make your tastebuds do a happy dance.

The Sweet Side of the Carnivore Diet- Listen, I get that the carnivore diet is all about the savory stuff. But a little sweetness here and there never hurt anyone. This whipped cream recipe brings a touch of indulgence – without sacrificing any of the carnivore principles. It’s the best of both worlds: sweetness and simplicity.

✨ Recipe Ingredients

To make the carnivore whipped cream you will need:

  • 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons Erythritol (optional)
  • 1/4 teaspoon Pure Vanilla Extract (optional)

👨‍🍳 How To Make

Follow this easy carnivore diet heavy cream recipe:

Step 1

Place the heavy whipping cream in a bowl and place it in the fridge for an hour.

Step 2

Whip the heavy cream on low speed until it becomes foamy. Then, increase the speed to medium and continue beating.

Step 3

Once the heavy cream’s volume increases, add the sweetener and vanilla (if using).

Step 4

Continue beating until you are satisfied with the texture. Serve and enjoy the carnivore whipped cream!

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1. Add Sweetener Gradually

If using a sugar substitute like erythritol or stevia, add it to the whipped cream gradually once soft peaks start to form. Adding the full amount right away can cause the cream to weep liquid or collapse.

Start by sprinkling in just half the sweetener first. Then once the cream holds its shape, add the remaining amount if desired. This helps prevent the whipped cream from becoming too soft or runny. Fold gently to distribute the sweetener evenly.

2. Achieving the Perfect Texture

The texture of your whipped cream is paramount. It should be smooth, airy, and hold its shape well. Achieving this involves not only the whipping process but also knowing when to stop.

Once you’ve reached stiff peaks, stop whipping immediately to avoid overbeating, which can make the cream grainy and eventually turn it into butter.

If you accidentally overwhip your cream, you can try to salvage it by gently folding in a few tablespoons of fresh heavy whipping cream. This can sometimes help bring the mixture back to the right consistency.

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3. The Right Heavy Whipping Cream

It’s vital to use heavy whipping cream containing at least 36% milk fat. This high fat content enables the cream to whip up into light, airy peaks.

Lower fat dairy products or things like half-and-half or other plant-based milks contain less fat or different ingredients that just won’t give you the results you want.

The fresher the cream, the easier it’ll be to make into fluffy, airy whipped cream. Check the expiration date and try to use it well before it expires.

Heavy Cream Carnivore Diet Variations

1. Cinnamon Spiced Carnivore Whipped Cream: Add a touch of cozy warmth and complexity to your carnivore whipped cream. Simply incorporate 1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon with the vanilla and sweetener during the whipping process.

2. Lemon Zest Carnivore Whipped Cream: Infuse your carnivore whipped cream with a vibrant, citrusy flavor. Add the zest of one lemon (be sure to avoid the white pith) when you add the vanilla and sweetener.

This brightens the flavor profile, creating a refreshing twist that pairs beautifully with many other carnivore-friendly treats.

3. Coffee Flavored Carnivore Whipped Cream: Ideal for a touch of something special. Instead of vanilla, add 1-2 teaspoons of instant coffee granules to the cold heavy cream before whipping.

The coffee flavor will deepen as it sits, so be mindful of how much coffee you add, especially if you prefer a subtle effect. 


Store the carnivore whipped cream in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is it recommended to chill the heavy whipping cream before whipping?

Chilling the heavy whipping cream helps to stabilize the fat, making it easier to whip and hold its shape. Cold cream whips faster and increases in volume more than cream at room temperature.

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2. Can I make whipped cream by hand?

While it’s ideal to use a stand mixer or hand mixer, you can whip the cream by hand with a whisk. Just be prepared for it to take 5-10 minutes of rapid whisking motions to reach stiff peaks. It’s a great arm workout!

3. Do I have to add sweetener and vanilla extract?

No, you don’t have to add any sweetener or vanilla. The whipped cream will still whip up light and fluffy without them. Feel free to keep it simple with just the heavy cream.

Heavy Cream on Carnivore Diet

Heavy cream and whipped cream can be excellent additions to a carnivore diet for several reasons. First, they contain almost no carbohydrates, making them ideal for the super low-carb carnivore way of eating.

One tablespoon of heavy whipping cream has just 0.4g net carbs, while homemade whipped cream has around 0.5g net carbs per tablespoon. This allows you to enjoy a sweet, creamy treat without kicking yourself out of ketosis or negatively impacting insulin levels, which is key for the carnivore diet.

In addition to being extremely low in carbs, heavy cream and whipped cream provide a great source of fat on the carnivore diet. As a nutrient-dense, high-fat way of eating centered around animal foods, having the right balance and sources of fats is crucial.

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The medium-chain and long-chain saturated fats found in heavy dairy creams help meet your daily needs for energy and cellular function. From supporting cognitive health to aiding nutrient absorption, quality fats like those from heavy cream promote optimal wellbeing.

Whipped cream further adds the benefit of increasing the volume of the cream itself, meaning you can consume a larger portion size while taking in minimal carbs and calories.

This helps provide greater satisfaction and curbs cravings for sweets or desserts that you may experience on the restrictive carnivore diet. Just a few ingredients like vanilla and non-caloric sweetener transform basic heavy cream into a delightful whipped topping for adding creativity and variety at minimal cost to your carb intake or ketone levels.

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Finally, high-fat dairy like heavy cream provides an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, vitamin D and calcium. As the carnivore diet eliminates most vegetables and restricts fruit, getting adequate micronutrients can be a challenge.

Just one tablespoon of heavy whipping cream contains 2% of your RDI for calcium and 6% for vitamin A. Whipped creams gives you these nutrients in a tastier form than drinking plain milk or yogurt. This helps promote bone health, immune function and more while following an only-animal-foods approach.

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In summary, heavy cream and easy homemade whipped cream are stellar choices for satisfying your sweet tooth, upping your fat intake, adding dietary variety and obtaining key vitamins/minerals when eating carnivore.

Their ultra low-carb counts combined with ample calories and nutrition make heavy dairy creams useful staples in your carnivore cooking and baking. So whip up a batch and enjoy guilt-free with some berries or other carnivore-friendly foods!

I hope you enjoy this simple whipped cream carnivore diet recipe! Whipped cream is such a nice way to add a sweet, creamy flavor to the carnivore diet when you want a special treat.

Be sure to check the blog for more fun and easy carnivore recipes. Please leave a comment below with any questions you have or customizations you made to this recipe.

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Carnivore Whipped Cream
Not your average whipped cream. Learn the secrets to a fluffy, stable carnivore whipped cream. Super easy recipe.
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Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 2 people
Calories: 191kcal
Cost: $10
  • 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons Erythritol (optional)
  • 1/4 teaspoon Pure Vanilla Extract (optional)
  • Place the heavy whipping cream in a bowl and place it in the fridge for an hour.
  • Whip the heavy cream on low speed until it becomes foamy. Then, increase the speed to medium and continue beating.
  • Once the heavy cream’s volume increases, add the sweetener and vanilla (if using).
  • Continue beating until you are satisfied with the texture. Serve and enjoy the carnivore whipped cream!
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Serving: 3.5oz | Calories: 191kcal | Carbohydrates: 1g | Protein: 4g | Fat: 19g

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